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About Us

Welcome to Mind Above Matter’s website!

Mind Above Matter is a nonprofit corporation that aggregates, updates, and offers easy access to the vast multitude of mental health resources at UNC in an accessible website that helps students find the resources best fit for their particular mental health needs, beyond individualized therapy. Our goal is to facilitate an environment where students feel supported in common and in crisis.

Start by searching for mental health resources with our Search Bar  or by looking for one you already know with Resources! Under the Resources  section, you will find a complete list of all the on-campus mental health resources that UNC provides. Our Search Bar  has multiple tags and keywords to help you find the perfect resource for YOU! The Calendar provides a day by day schedule of what mental health related events are at UNC.

We hope to make students aware of all of the mental health support options available to them. We want to help students find the resources best fit for their individual mental health needs, and therefore empower students to take care of their mental wellness. Mind Above Matter directly collaborates with all of the mental health clubs, organizations, and resources on campus to ensure that all of the information on our website is up-to-date and accurate.

For immediate help, see the Get Help Now  tab up above.

In an emergency, please call 911.

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