Gender Violence Service Coordinators
The Gender Violence Services Coordinators (GVSCs) provide confidential support and advocacy for all students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds and identities who have experienced or have been impacted by gender-based violence or harassment before or during their time at Carolina. GVSCs provide emotional support, assistance in understanding and navigating reporting options, accompaniment to meetings and hearings, assistance with housing and academic accommodations, and connections to resources on and off campus. The GVSCs are confidential, do not share information without permission from the individual seeking support, and are not required to make a report to the University or to law enforcement. The GVSCs are only required to share information in certain circumstances including if someone is a high risk for suicide or violence towards others or if there is information of child and/or elder abuse. The GVSCs have offices in the Carolina Women’s Center (Suite 101 of the Stone Center). GVSCs can also meet with individuals at other on-campus locations, or via phone or video call. Please email gvsc@unc.edu or call 919-962-7430 or 919-962-1343 to schedule an appointment. You do not need to disclose any sensitive information about your experience via email or phone in order to schedule a time to meet. Information about GVSC services, including information about remote support: https://womenscenter.unc.edu/resources/gender-violence-services/ Website: https://womenscenter.unc.edu/ Instagram: @UNCWomensCtr Twitter: @UNCWomensCtr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNCWomensCtr/ Email: gvsc@unc.edu Phone: 919-962-7430 or 919-962-1343