Helping Give Away Psychological Science
HGAPS is a student-based non-profit started at UNC Chapel Hill that is dedicated to helping the best information about psychological science reach the people who would benefit. Their goal is to build small groups to improve the information about psychology on Wikipedia, on other online sites, and in the community. HGAPS aims to bridge the gap between students, clinicians, researchers, and the public by creating and spreading accessible and free resources. Members participate in projects including creating infographics, making mental health screening more accessible, and more. They aim to make their resources reach the level of the best college textbook on the topic and help the general public, clinicians, clients, and educators each find high quality resources quickly. Link to mental wellness during COVID-19 resources: https://www.hgaps.org/covid-19.html Website: https://www.hgaps.org/ Twitter: @_HGAPS Instagram: @HGAPSorganization Email: hgapsclub@gmail.com