Peers for Progress
Peers for Progress is a program at the UNC-Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health which promotes peer support as a key strategy in addressing health, healthcare, health promotion, and wellbeing globally. Peers for Progress works with organizations and individuals to accelerate the availability of best practices in peer support across multiple health topics and modes of delivery; examples of this include working with diverse groups on campus, developing and enhancing new peer support initiatives, and assisting with training and program planning. The team at Peers for Progress, in addition to their global work, has been involved in the UNC-Chapel Hill Mental Health Task Force; convenes a Collaborative Learning Network of those promoting peer support programs serving students, faculty, and staff at UNC-Chapel Hill; and supports initiatives with peer support program development, improvement, and expansion. Peers for Progress does not provide peer support services directly; however, they are knowledgeable about existing initiatives. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact peersforprogress@unc.edu for more information should they want to get involved in our work, seek consultation regarding their programs, or want to learn more. More information and resources are also available at www.peersforprogress.org; see http://peersforprogress.org/get-connected/unc-ch-covid-support/ for UNC-Chapel Hill and COVID-19-specific resources. Website: www.peersforprogress.org Email: peersforprogress@unc.edu