CAPS Support Groups
CAPS offers a variety of support groups, groups focused on communication and relating to others, and workshop-style groups which teach specific skills. The list of therapy groups provided changes each semester. Group therapy helps people who would like to receive support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. Groups typically involve a combination of members sharing thoughts and feelings, giving and receiving support and feedback, and trying out new behaviors in a safe environment. This spring, CAPS is offering over 20 unique groups, including groups for mindfulness, skills and wellness, interpersonal process, and themed support. To view the descriptions for each group, when they meet, and how to get involved, visit https://caps.unc.edu/services/group-therapy/current-therapy-groups for more details. Website: https://caps.unc.edu/services/group-therapy Available Groups: https://caps.unc.edu/services/group-therapy/current-therapy-groups